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  Day 2: He's talking to me again!

Some of the following photos were taken with a Hi-8 video camcorder and were video captured through a process of dazzling magic involving virgin sacrifices and stardust. This explains the less then "quality" results, but also allows us to deliver the most candid photos in such a short time. NOTE: Click on the thumbnail to take you to the photo and then press your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. To know the contents of each photo, hover your mouse cursor over the photo and it should display the ALT tag description (works in later browsers).

Kevin Murphy stands behind another man... Mike Nelson plays with himself... Kevin Murphy sings Shatner's greatest hits. Mary Jo and Bill share a moment. Bryan tongues the camera like Gene Simmons. Bryan and Cathy ARE Team Rocket... ...and Kevin is Ash, who chooses Pikachu's rear opening. Chad and Connie ponder obnoxious drunks. Mark 'Cthulhu' Siefert does his best Pratchett impersonation, without being unfunny. Jamie tries to look down Jen's mom's shirt. Jen shows us her wings. Jen stands by, Michael as Lara Croft. Lara doesn't like it when men look at her breasts. Jen's mom enjoys the geek ack-shun. MSTieAnon loser shows us what took him 18 months to build...time he could have used for dating. Noah flips through the program to find Russ Meyer info while Connie looks on. THX's STALKER and DARK LOVE. Most of team HG strikes a pose as Jamie gives 'Donovan' a well-deserved beating. (l-r) THX, Jamie, Ironf, Jen, Mike Clear, Bryan, Kevin. Most of team HG stands next to some railing as THX tries to steal some of mgrasso's hair for Jamie. (l-r) Cthulhu, Kevin, Bryan, Jamie, Grasso, THX, Ironf Team HG feeds their ego with another photo. (l-r) THX, Jamie, Ironf, Jen, Mike Clear, Bryan, Kevin THX and DUCA share a moment. The new 'quality' hotel! HomeGamers in costume: (l-r) Michael, Jen, Bryan, Cathy, Kevin Connie questions Lara about his FAAAAABULOUS make-up job. Lara...THAT'S A MAN, BAY-BEE! The transvestite is NOT a homosexual. I have become Noah, bringer of THX steals a bottle of Crown. One 'suite' photo: (l-r) Ironf, Connie, Chad, Reaper, Noah THX with the !@ move. THX gives his stalker the FINGAH! THX drinks himself under a table to hide from stalkers.

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