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  Day 1: Booze will revitalize me!

The following photos were taken with a Hi-8 video camcorder and were video captured through a process of dazzling magic involving virgin sacrifices and stardust. This explains the less then "quality" results, but also allows us to deliver the most candid photos in such a short time. In the future, we might put up more photos using digital cameras or scanned still images, but until then, enjoy these offerings. NOTE: Click on the thumbnail to take you to the photo and then press your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. To know the contents of each photo, hover your mouse cursor over the photo and it should display the ALT tag description (works in later browsers).

Anheuser-Busch or Duffland? bBONYd A stable for the horsefaced. Bryan Lambert, aka the funny Lambert, and Cathy BEMaven has arrived. El Jamie has his 16th shot of gin. Kevin Lambert, aka the *cute* Lambert Laser Floyd bowling! Kevin and Thayer share a moment. That's one quality bowling shirt. Jamie hurls his ball down the lane. Michael gets ready to knock down some pins. THX reads in his suite. THX suffers the first injury due to breakdancing in a bowling alley...poor THX. X-Men the ticket. Gateway Program Bryan the SERVOTRON does The Robot. Michael and Jamie share a moment with booze. Jen watches Michael dance. The Lamberts recover from losing bowling god status. Michael does the White Man's Overbite. THX breakdances in memory of Turbo. That hair is HUUUUUGE!

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