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Greetings. That smiley fellow you see above is our campaign's spokesmodron, "Box." Our Planescape campaign, with its de facto headquarters in the Dream Square neighborhood of the Clerk's Ward of Sigil, has a wonderful variety of player characters, as any true Planescape campaign should. Below are the descriptions of the player characters and many of the PCs' contacts.

Player Characters

  • Number 6394182 (a.k.a. "Box"), 4th level rogue modron mage (Fraternity of Order)
  • Jesdin Marthair, 3rd level aasimar male planewalker wizard transmuter (Believers of the Source)
  • Knell, 5th level bariaur female plains druid (Free League)
  • Selgar, 4th level ogre male fighter (Transcendent Order)
  • Arluth Travyth, 5th level aasimar male swashbuckler bard (Transcendent Order)
  • Cianna, 4th level human female swindler thief (Society of Sensation)
  • T'Nook, 5th level gnoll male planewalker cleric (Guardians)
  • Ten Standard Bearer, 2nd level rogue modron myrmidon fighter (Doomguard)
  • Lilith, 2nd level tiefling female wild mage (Society of Sensation)

Non-Player Characters

  • Mirx, 3rd level xvart male priest of Raxivort (Bleak Cabal)
  • Grälf Thyer, 1st level human male abyssal warrior (no faction)
  • Mohan, 3rd level tiefling female psionicist (Doomguard)
  • Geena Homefinder, 5th level halfling female priest of Tymora (Free League)
  • Jan'it, 9th level bariaur female plains druid (Verdant Guild)
  • Aja, 3rd level tiefling female druid/2nd level mage (Verdant Guild)
  • Sung Hi, 3rd level human male priest of Lao Tzu (Believers of the Source)
  • Cheever, 8th level human male necromancer (Dustmen)
  • Munsar, 10th level githzerai male fighter (Transcendent Order)
  • Rethas, 16th level elf male mage (Sign of One)
  • Llaeretheithin, 2nd level elf male mage (Fraternity of Order)
  • Tathara Sūlothi, 3rd level elf female acrobat thief (Society of Sensation)
  • Gavin Willix, 5th level human male priest of Sune (Society of Sensation)
  • Jaana Tolling, 7th level human female illusionist (Society of Sensation)

Unique Spells and Magic

Here you can find unique spells and magical items encountered in my campaign.


Here you can find some priesthoods I have created for my Planescape campaign.

Aasimar Special Ability Tables

In the interests of symmetry, I created special ability tables for aasimar like the ones for tieflings in the Planewalkers' Handbook, taking into account all the Upper Planar creatures in existence.

Planescape Plane-of-Origin Magical Item Tables

Similarly, I felt there was a void in that there was no way to determine the plane-of-origin for random magical items in Planescape. These tables solve that problem.


Here are some downloads for the Planescape campaign.

Campaign Narrative

Possibly the most important part of this site, here are capsule histories of the adventures I've run so far with my group.


Here are some links to different Planescape-related sites.

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I am the Mimir is the premier Planescape website out there. More info than you can shake a modron at.

Tale of the Bariaur

Tale of the Bariaur focuses pretty exclusively on the centaur's planar cousin, the bariaur (half-human, half-goat). We have one in our campaign, so this site has been pretty handy.

Tale of the Bariaur

On the Wings of Mephits includes quite a bit of Planescape information, including the Planescape fiction archive.

Paths of the Planewalkers

Paths of the Planewalkers is a very detailed links site.