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For those rainy days, nothing passes the time better than a good 500 piece puzzle. Once put together, be sure to use some puzzle saver on the back and you can frame this fine piece of art and hang on the child's wall. Where will the child start first? At George Kennedy's head, or maybe Shaft will pop out first. Joe Don Baker is another fine point to begin with in the start. Measures 18x18 inches.
Price: $15

The kids will all be wanting to get their hands on these. They can trade with their friends to collect the entire set. There are 120 cards in the full set. Enjoy the look on their faces when they open it to find the rare HomeGame Regular card that gives a full profile and background on the member featured on the front. Each pack comes with 10 cards.
Price: $2.00 per pack

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Presenting MST3K: The HomeGame. Brand new from the HG Industries. It's family fun for all ages and types. Can you conquer the board of crappy movies? Time will tell. Due to the fact that we include real money, an exorbitant amount must be charged for this product.
Price: $5000

Now introducing the HGI's own line of fine lithographs. Many have used this for their computer backgrounds but now we finally offer it for your wall to enjoy. Printed on only the finest paper produced from a rare tree in the rainforest, this limited edition print will only be available to the first 250 that respond. After that we break the printing plates. That's right, we will destroy the only mechanism that allows us to print more just to insure that you have a limited print! Check here to see the a larger version. The full print size is 15 X 10 inches and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Notice: Buyers must sign a "no-resale" contract.
Price: $5499.99

Battle for the SOL

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While not exactly for children, this package is for all those young at heart that want to belong to the OFFICIAL MST-HOMEGAME Fan Club. Upon entering this club, you will receive your very own membership card, which you can personalize by adding a photo of yourself. You will also receive a autographed color 8 X 10 glossy photo of the one, the only George Kennedy. Please send the message you would like to have on the photo along with your order. Ever had to sit in the box during one of our games because you committed a foul? Well that will never happen again once you have received you Official Player's Guide. Learn the rules and run a private game a home. Be the life of the party. Confused over a mention of Edgar Winter or PETER? Never again! Just consult your FREE (With Membership) Glossary of over 100,000 OBscure References, and never again be embarrassed! Your membership will also activate your subscription to the Homegamer's Quarterly, a fine magazine also published by HomeGame Industries. Fashion, technology, arts, entertainment, it's all covered in HG. Last but not least is your FREE personality test from the Church of Scientology. Find out all there is to know about yourself and more. Membership to this club also guaranties you a spot during each and every game. Order now and get your Quick-Start HG Guide, with over 100 Fits-all riffs to get you started!
Price: $40 per year

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