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Sensual. Subtle. Alluring. HG1. Made from only the finest Manos petals, HG1 is the penultimate fragrance in our GK line of scents and bath oils. HG1 is the first Parfum to use "Chaz Masterzon (tm)", a new scent technology that allows the scent to change subtly with your mood. Appropriate for all kinds of events, from a techno-glam Rick's Cafe to a old-fashioned carnival. In the Future, the HG line will include Joseph Baker Baby Oil, Clinton Howard Hair gels, and Donald Ameche Teeth-Whiteners. Try it now! Plus, if you act now, you get free, our trial line of Andrew Warhol bath Lufas!
Price: $30 per ounce

They say you should protect your stump before you hump. Millions of dollars went into the creation of the MST-HomeGame Condom. Made from advanced space age polymers, these condoms provide the protection of latex with the feel of lambskin. The patented "Sythalube" system provides a built in lubrication mechanism through the use of molecular ball bearings. Comes in small (2") to Jonah-sized (15"), ribbed and non-ribbed, and a variety of flavors (peppermint, jalapeno, chocolate, and peanut butter).
Price: 6 pack-$15

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Is your older dog ashamed to leave the house because he is loosing his teeth? Well worry no more. Thanks to our dedicated staff at the HomeGame Industries, we are ready to introduce this fine new product, canine dentures. Once these fine, quality made pieces are placed into your pets mouth, no one will be able to tell that he has them. Allow your pet to roam around shame-free. Once you call to get an order, we will send out our qualified canine dental technician to take a cast of your pets mouth and personally sculpt his teeth to fit you and your pets needs. This technician will teach you proper care techniqiue and how to place them in the mouth properly. NOTE: Price is dependent on pet's mouth size. Price includes any and all denture work, including molding, casting, and fitting for both upper and lower pieces. Also included is a months worth of denture adhesive.
Price: ~$400

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