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Welcome to the HomeGame Industries Emporium where you can purchase numerous official HGI items ranging from clothing to collectables.

For years, the HGI name has been associated with entertainment and quality. Now, with the aid of NAFTA, HGI is proud to offer you the highest quality merchandise crafted by the youthful and skilled hands of cheap Mexican labor. The cheap labor lets us deliver products of high caliber to you at low costs.

To navigate the HGI Emporium, use the directory at the left and the text navigation bar at the bottom of each Emporium page (which might be your only option if your browser does not support our java).

Due to our general distrust of the internet and because we care about you, the customer, and want to communicate to you personally, we do not offer on-line ordering of merchandise. To order anything you see in the HGI Emporium, please call our toll free order line during normal business hours (M-F, 8am to 5pm ET) at 1-800-275-4277.

Remember, your best buy is always at HGI.

[Fashion@THE CHASM] [Personal Items@SHRED'S] [Electronics@APPLIANCE AVENUE]
[Housewares@KENNEDY'S] [Toys/Collectables@TOYZ B US] [RESTROOMS]

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