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August 27
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To say this trailer was confusing would be an understatement. I'll try to walk you through it the best that I can. Hold on.

From what I gather this is a Brit film, which doesn't neccessarily make it bad, but it doesn't help. We start with a Brit guy that is appearently in love with this mysterious woman that we end up knowning as B. Monkey.

At first from the context and all, I though B. Monkey was a prostitute, which makes for good film, but it turns out she's a thief. It's a classic dual lives, worlds colliding type story.

I take it that she falls in love with this goob, but he doesn't know of her other life. Her other life starts getting more and more complicated, and she's afraid that it will cross over and ruin what she has with Brit Boy, so she has to start playing everything extremely carefully. I'm betting it ends with her in Brit Boy's arms and what have ya since it seems to be of the romantic sort.

In the trailer we get a car blowing up, plus a nice piece of a bathtub scene, which implies that there will be some nudity in the film, which is never bad. The rest of the trailer isn't very good, not very good at explaining just what is going on at all. I'm going to have to give this on a rent it. If it hadn't been for the implied nudity and the car explosion, it would have gotten an avoid.

Stir of Echos

Now this is my cup of tea. A nice supernatural thriller type movie.

We start with some mumbo jumbo about what so and so has seen happen while a person was under THE POWER OF HYPNOSISSSSS. Bacon doesn't buy it and tells her to "do me."

After he's hy-mo-tised, he's suddenly open to seeing all this supernatural stuff. Suddenly he knows things that he shouldn't know. He has to start sleeping 12 hours a night because of the strain on him from all this new imput. Some random zoodoo daddy says he's a "Receiver" now, whatever that means. I'm assuming that it's further explained in the actual movie.

Bacon starts doing some weirder things, like digging a huge hole in the back yard and jackhammering up the basement. He has Richard Dreyfuss drop by and they make mashed potato mountains together. From what is shown, Bacon is able to track this girl and see what happened to her.

I like the music that this trailer used. I've heard it before in other pieces, but it's still a good choice. Bacon comes across to me as a grown up version of the kid in Sixth Sense, BTW Willis is a ghost.

One of the bad things about this trailer is the rapid strobing of images. I'm sure it's hard for some people to keep up with it, so then they lose a lot of comprehension to thier trailer. All in all, I'd go see this, but just barely.

I bet it took an real artist to think this up.

Dance of the totally clothed, no veils.

NOT Jeremy Irons

That blew up real good.

The ONLY saving grace this had.

Well, it's better than just white text.

NOT the ZUNI doll.

And now a litle sumpthan for the ladies.

If you make that face and have to wear goggles, you've got the Jerker turned up too high.

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