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October 15, 1999

We know that a lot of our readers are still in school. In an effort to help further enlarge their vocabulary and WORD POWER, we would like to present the HGNews Word of the Week. Please read, understand, and use these words in everyday conversation. Amaze and surprise your friends.

This week's word is:

v.: to hug and kiss; pet

Dude, you don't canoodle with a hooker. Time is money. You get right down to business.

This week's "Gang Slang" is:

1.) v.: To have sex.
2.) n.: A penis.
3.) n.: A joint.
4.) n.: A dollar.
5.) v.: Bonin' out - Leaving.

1.) "Let's bone, baybee."
2.) "You know we gotta over our bones."
3.) "Yo yo, give me a hit off that bone, dog."
4.) "That'll cost ya 200 bones."
5.) "I'm bonein' out of this crib. PEACE!"

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