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September 03, 1999

We know that a lot of our readers are still in school. In an effort to help further enlarge their vocabulary and WORD POWER, we would like to present the HGNews Word of the Week. Please read, understand, and use these words in everyday conversation. Amaze and surprise your friends.

This week's word is:

adj.: having a pleasant odor

A man of high calibre, such as Charlie Sheen, only visits the most redolent ladies of the evening.

This week's "Gang Slang" is:

1) n.: A gun.
2) n.: Ass.

1) Yo yo, I need to stop and get some more caps for my biscuit.
2) When that ho moves like that, make a nigga wanna grab her biscuits.


As a loyal customer of HGI and a regular reader of HGI News, I learned a new word through Language Lessons, eldritch. A few days later, while I was reading the Offical Guide to EverQuest, I stumbled across this sentence: "Their eldritch powers of Death give them the abilty to Locate Corpse, a spell that works much like a Ranger's Tracking ability." Without HGI, I would have never been able to figure that sentence out! They were true to their word, I did amaze and surprise my friends! Thanks, HGI! - Jennifer L. Hill.

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