The moon rises in the east, over the mountains which isolate Cumbria from its neighbors. To the north, an ancient wall does little to defend from brutal Scots invaders. The lords of this backwater county of Cumbria employ their feeble machinations to maintain their petty demesnes. But a keep sits in the plains of Cumbria, on the banks of the River Eamont, its foreboding walls lit by moon and torch. Inside dwells evil from the nightmares of every serf, bondsman, and holy man in Christendom.

They feast upon blood. To gain it they will seduce, prey, and even kill. Bonds of fealty keep the kine in check by day; bonds of fear keep them by night.

A lord sits in his hall, surrounded by others of his unholy, undying kind. They are the true rulers of Cumbria; they are the predators who can keep the kine and their feeble herders humble and meek.

May God save us all.

This Vampire: Dark Ages chronicle tells the story of six Cainites, brought together by circumstance in the far northwestern region of England known as Cumbria. It is the year of our Lord 1224, and young King Henry sits upon the throne far to the south, surrounded by advisors and counselrs who whisper edicts into the young boy's ears. Such laws rarely travel to this far outpost of Norman rule. The Scots lie across the wall to the north; the Irish across the sea to the west. Numerous barons bicker and squabble for supremacy, as the childer of Caine stride among them, unseen and unknown, using the sons of Adam as they will.

Brougham Castle and the neighboring town of Penrith serve as the center for the Cainites of Cumbria. Their motivations are as different as night and day. They hail from all corners of Christendom, all classes of men, and all eras of history. Their only commonality is the blood of Caine which rushes through their cold, dead veins.

Cainites of Cumbria

These are the six known Cainite inhabitants of the county of Cumbria. They are described by the titles that both Cainite and mortal society have bestowed upon them.


  • Lord Robert de Veteripont (Vipont), Ventrue, Baron of Westmorland and Cainite Prince of Cumbria, lord of Brougham Castle, Appleby, Brough and Pendragon. Haven in Brougham Castle.
  • Adam of Carlisle, Brujah, freed man, Cainite Sheriff of Cumbria, in the employ of Henry of York, merchant and Cainite. Haven in Penrith town.
  • Doņa Josephina Alfonces de Navarre, Cappadocian, seneschal of Brougham Castle, widow of Don Salvador Alfonces, fugitive from the infidel, warrior. Haven in Isis Parlis.
  • Thomas of Durham, Tremere, scholar, gentleman, occultist, witch-hunter, apprentice of Durham Chantry, in the service of Nicholas, Seneschal of London. Haven in Brougham Castle.
  • Father Bernard de Bourgogne, Toreador, architect, engineer, Master of the University of Paris in geometry, designer of Penrith Cathedral (unfinished). Haven in Penrith town.
  • Grimald, Gangrel, huntsman, scout, wanderer, warrior. Haven in Englewood Forest.

The stories of the Cainites of Cumbria are many and varied. Here, you may read their tales.


Here are documents used as play aids. Both are in rtf format.

  • Historia Cumbriae: this is a guide to the towns, religious houses, and ancient ruins of Cumbria.
  • Rules: here is a simple guide to the rules used specifically in Vampire: Dark Ages.


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