Mmmm, the sweet sweet scent of a fresh dusting of psychosis, covering the grass as the holidays hit, sending our automobiles of sense and perspective spinning out into a ditch.

I love this next bit, because it takes the art of moronic overreaction to new heights. "MartyLK" is concerned that the sequel to "Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver" will contain the jumping sequence that drove him to madness in the original game. And boy, did it drive him to madness. Hitting the top of the charts on December 4, 2000, here's MartyLK, the guy who hates to jump.

Just an update to the situation I posted about:

I cooled off a little and went back and tried that section one last time. After the game loaded, I chose the Drowned Abbey level and worked my way all the way back to that section of the level with the jumping sequences. I proceeded to to work my way through those terminally miserable jumps. I got through the first section of jumps. I then proceeded to get through the second set of jumps. I kept falling off into the water which would require me to go all the way back to the very beginning of the first set of jumps. I was so enraged and so terminally frustrated that it brought tears to my eyes because I couldn't find a way to quiz the developers as to why they had to make such a miserably, terminally madening part of the game. I came within a micron of yanking the disc out of my Dreamcast and snapping it in two but, I knew this wouldn't help, the only thing that would help is being to somehow fire those game makers. Be assured that if they were somehow employed by me, they would have most assuredly been so terminally fired for such a maliscious and malevolent invention on their part. That would be the only comfort that woould have helped. I'm like every other gamer, I buy games and I want to be able to be competent enough to get through them and enjoy them. When I can't do something, I find it very painful to cope with. My only resolve is to never, ever, in this life or the next, buy an other product made by them. If there were some way I could off-load on them, I'd be able to cope. If hatred could have disintegrated this game, there wouldn't even be a molecule of it in existence. What geometrically increases the pain of this game is that it is beautiful and such quality was put into the design and graphics. The very small jumping sequences obliterate it.

Some may think that MartyLK is taking things a bit too seriously. These people would be known as "correct". Be assured that if Marty were somehow employed by me, he would have most assuredly been so terminally fired for such an overwrought and hand-wringing post on his part. Since I can't fire him, terminally, all I can do is induct him as Exhibit 48, yet another milepost on the road of Internet stupidity that we all must travel.