Exhibit One was unearthed on April 23, 1998, and provided the initial inspiration for The Moron Shrine, so that stupid things said on the Internet would find a certain permanence beyond their initial appearance. In retrospect, thsi was a smart move, because otherwise, Exhibit One would have vanished along with the demise of mania.com, later anotheruniverse.com, later Yet Another Dot Com Corpse.

Here, in its entirety, is the initial quote from their Buzz Boards, discussing the then-recent episode of South Park featuring various entertainment industry personalities as Japanese rubber-suit monsters and heroes:

they make up things about the celebrity (i never heard anyone even imply that leonard malton is ultraman - it wasnt funny)

In the early days of the Shrine, the academic standards weren't nearly as high as they are now, so the author, or even the pen name, of this startling insight is lost forever. But the statement itself remains, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone will have to forever live with the realization that their lack of grounding in a solid factual base cost them one loyal viewer, back in 1998.