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  Pre-con: Fuck the group hug.

The following photos were taken with a Hi-8 video camcorder and were video captured through a process of dazzling magic involving virgin sacrifices and stardust. This explains the less then "quality" results, but also allows us to deliver the most candid photos in such a short time. In the future, we might put up more photos using digital cameras or scanned still images, but until then, enjoy these offerings. NOTE: Click on the thumbnail to take you to the photo and then press your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. To know the contents of each photo, hover your mouse cursor over the photo and it should display the ALT tag description (works in later browsers).

The Arch Joe Barlow Inside Benkis' bedroom is (l-r) Carol, Jamie, TSD, and Mellie Joe Benkis Big Rob with a riding crop. Mike Clear greets Gary. Mike Clear Connie gets hit by a riding crop. Connie hits David Ramirez with a riding crop. The Giant DUCA DUCA in the hotel lobby. EvilJen's mom Mike Grasso Mike Grasso, again. Ironf looks on. Jamie Plummer does a little Buddha belly rub. Jamie Plummer downs his 8th beer of the evening. Jamie and Noah wave hello. EvilJen and Mr. EvilJen, Michael. Julia Sober. Laurelynn meets and greets. In the lobby: (l-r) Connie, David Ramirez, Joe Barlow, and TSD Noah does his Bullwinkle impression. The showing of photos from Juliacon. ReaperG. In the lobby: (r-l) Connie, Sheryl, Sheryl's Gary TSD is greeted by Connie.

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