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October 09, 2000

One month ago Albert and Stephen created a nice little game - a game whose idea was born 11 months ago. Unfortunately, due to a certain CEO's need to edit things, that game was put aside for a last minute replacement involving the consumption of marijuana. You knew it and enjoyed it as Jamie-Man (aka Ganja-Man). However, with a new month upon us, we are faced with the opportunity to deliver you the game originally created for last month's Fun and Games. That's right our droogs, it is time for the unveiling of another Duca game. Based on the events of Exoticon '99, Highway to the Duca-Zone brings the excitement the HomeGame contingent experienced with Duca onto your PC and into your home. Keep in mind, Highway to the Duca-Zone is not meant to be as exhilerating and stress relieving as Whack-A-Duca, but rather the antithesis, because you must understand the stress of hiding from Duca for an entire weekend. You must know the pain, the pain that cannot be extinguished by drinking twenty Hurricanes and having sex with countless hookers. Besides, once you get all stressed out from this game, you can focus it all on Whack-A-Duca or squeezing the Gengar.

INSTRUCTIONS: Remember the shell game where you had to find the nut hidden under one of three shells? Well, that's what Highway to the Duca-Zone is based on, except you don't want to find the nut, because that would be Duca. You will be presented with 3 elevators in the "Quality" Hotel, and you must choose the door that Duca is NOT behind, but instead the doors the HomeGame Exoticon '99 contingent are behind. If you choose wisely, you score one huge point and get to party in their booze filled suite.

ESTIMATED TIME FOR COMPLETION: Variable time for the 140kb Flash file to load, 10 seconds to read the instructions, and many minutes of playing until you die of a heart attack from a stress overload.

NOTE: We, HGNews, HGI, or any other affiliated party is not responsible for any mental, emotional, or physical harm caused due to your participation in this exercise. We also are not responsible for harm caused to your social life or negative employment/productivity consequences because you do not have the will power to pull yourself away from this activity.

Let's enter the DUCA-ZONE!

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