Toys. Not collectibles. Not investments. Not in their goddamned packages. The following are toys. Honest-to-goodness played-with toys done up all funny or cool and photographed. Enjoy. The Muscular Arms Apartments

Take some 9" scale Famous Covers superhero and movie figures, a bunch of Barbie furniture, and a bookcase, and you get the Muscular Arms Apartments. Although the Arms have not been reconstructed since our move, their memory lives on in these pictures.

The Arms In All Their Glory
Green Arrow's Hair
Lounging Ladies
Austin Invades The Lounge
Hulk Vs. Hulk!

Trenchcoats and Playstations
Food & Boots
A Mindwich Is A Meal
Nightcrawler Fridgebound
Sabretooth's Vengeance
Super Market Checkout
Does Whatever An Icee Can
The Prey Will Not Escape!
The Toy Store Register
Green Lantern Charges!
Super Savings!

A previous incarnation of the Super Market led to a couple of good pictures:

Daredevil, The Man Without Thirst
Sinister Vacuuming

Later on, the game room was invaded by a horde of Bulbasaur. They even redecorated the place.

Lounging In The Corner
Goin' For The Bling-Bling
Another Round of Tekken?
Bulbaroom Overview
Pop-A-Matic Bulbasaur
Bulba, Bulba, On The Wall

Custom Action Figures: There used to be more of these pictures, but they've vanished. Time to get going with the digicam again.

Space Ghost Ken

Sometimes it's funny to just mix up genres and take pictures of them.

Duke Nukem, Man-Eating Cow
Yoda and Dozer

Finally, check out the extreme action of the WWF, the Work Wrestling Federation. Coming to you live from the top of a supply cabinet!

Back View
Front View
Side View