Here are the Lambert cats. Bryan and Cathy's cats are Rorschach, the friction-impaired boy-kitten, and Willow, the skittish ladycat. Kevin's cats are a pair of orange kittens named Jack and Kyle, after Tenacious D. The management makes no apologies for the fundamentally cute and unironic nature of pictures of cats on web pages.

Rorschach and Willow, Napping
Jack Chills Out
Jack Sleeps In The Litter Box
Jack Stretches Out
Jack And The Panda (Side)
Jack And The Panda (Front)
Jack In The Tower
Jack, Dead To The Universe
Jack and Kyle Sprawl on Warm Gear
Jack, Kyle and a String
Kyle, Bright-Eyed
Kyle Discovers The Computer
Kyle Takes A Siesta
Kyle Lacks Dignity
Kyle, Precariously Perched
Rorschach, Exclusive to Pier One
Rorschach Plays With Cathy
Rorschach Plays With Cathy Some More
Rorschach Gets In Gaming's Way
Rorschach Mangles A Toy
Rorschach Attacks The Intangible
Rorschach On The Tower
Kyle, Asleep Again
Willow From Above
Willow Hides Under The Papasan
Willow, Always Alert
Willow, Well, Not Always
Willow Stands Around