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Welcome to The Messy Canvas, an independent subsidiary of Homegame Industries and the official Web presence of Bryan Lambert and Cathy Fylling. Peruse our fine selections below, and if you feel the need, e-mail us.
TMC NewsBreak
LAST UPDATE: 5/2/01 - Enlighten THIS.
TMC NewsBreak: Where more fake people get more fake news than from any other fake source. Like The Onion or The Daily Show, only different in ways my lawyers could explain.
The Moron Shrine
LAST UPDATE: 12/4/00 - The man hates jumping.
The Moron Shrine is my tribute to the people who make the Internet what it is. The stupid people. The really stupid people. Recorded for posterity right in here.
LAST UPDATE: 7/7/99 - Return to Glory final version posted.
They call it "Mystery Usenet Theater 3000". Bad stories. Funny jokes. Fanfic's cooler brother. I've done a bunch, and they're here.
Space Ghost FAQ
LAST UPDATE: 2/24/00 - A minor update, mostly filling in Brak Show blanks now that it's aired.
In addition to my hectic jet-set lifestyle, I also take a little time out to maintain and keep the Frequently Asked Questions list for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet, a task that occasionally leads to me getting strange e-mails intended for Brak.
LAST UPDATE: 7/7/99 - No new content, just redesigned as part of site.
Costumes! Toys! Toy costumes! Costume toys! Fun for the entire family. Pictures of us and our stuff. Desperately needs an overhaul.
And Speaking Of...
LAST UPDATE: 7/7/99 - No new content, just redesigned as part of site.
Back in '97 and '98, I wrote a little toy column that I posted frequently to They are archived here for your amusement and edification.
LAST UPDATE: 7/7/99 - Homegame removed, look redesigned.
Every time a bomb drops, the President's penis grows half an inch.
Counter Offline I actually like space tourism.
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